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Factor that Win7/Vista is avoided from game player
"Delay Problem"

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Hello. I am Kitao Nakamura producing "PC Engine" emulator "Ootake".

"Windows Vista" is the OS especially avoided from the game player.
The way things are going, it seems to be going to become a comparable result
about new OS "Windows 7".

One of the reasons why "Vista" is avoided from the game player often includes
a little decrease in the bench mark.
However, when there are a lot of cases at the error margin level, and it plays a game actually,
this doesn't become a big problem.

The worst true problem was to have become a specification to which
"Vista" permits the display delay of three frames.
The reaction after the JoyPad(or keyboard, mouse) is operated compared
with "WinXP" is late by as many as three frames.
- The delay of three frames or less is permitted as for "XP", too. But, "Vista/Win7" always
becomes a deferral state the maximum (three frames) because of "Windows Aero".

The person who likes action game will notice this sense of incompatibility (three frame delay).
(However, they might not be able to recognize "Delay" is a criminal.)

It is natural that Vista is said, "Vista is Heavy" even with a fastest personal computer.
And, "Windows7" is also quite similar to "Vista". (Oh my god!)

When animation is appreciated with a considerably old personal computer,
"Delay of three frames" is effective.
However, harm(Sense of incompatibility of operation) is too large.

And, the bench mark score improves as a yukky advantage (An actual operation feeling worsens).
This delay setting might have been necessary for Microsoft
to catch up with "WindowsXP" on the bench mark.

In addition, a further display delay happens when "Windows Aero" is used.
Therefore, to do the display reaction of average WindowsXP, two settings are needed.

1."Windows Aero(Desktop Composition)" is invalidated (It is possible to set it with
the short cut icon at each game).

2."Max frames to render ahead"(NVIDIA) or "Flip Queue Size"(ATI) is set to "0" by
the video card driver's setting (control panel).

In doing these two settings, it is likely to be able to play by the play feeling just like WinXP.
As a result, Win7 and Vista might be felt in OS too not bad.
- The setting of "2" is recommended for WinXP (excluding considerably old PC), too.

A present version of "Ootake" corresponds to the above-mentioned delay on the software side.
Therefore, the delay operates few even if the above-mentioned setting is not done.

However, the above-mentioned setting is recommended. Because the delay happens to
almost all the software for individual not done.

"People only to sell the game" might not worry about operation(and display) delay problem at all.
However, for "People who love game", I feel that it might be a terrible, big problem.

Thank you for reading.
2009.11.09 Written by Kitao Nakamura.

The solution of "Delay by the personal computer environment" was described.
Here for the method of settlement of
"Delay by the PC environment".

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